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The Granville Area Chamber of Commerce exists to advance the prosperity of the Granville area, to promote the commercial interests of the business community, to support civic, cultural and educational pursuits, and to bring about closer cooperation among those engaged in retail trade, manufacturing, farming, services, and professional practice, and to secure concerted action on their part to improve the environment of business.


Robbins Hunter Museum
Did you know The James Store is headed to the RHM? #granville Granville Area Chamber of Commerce
2015-07-18 19:39:10
Cameron Gallagher
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2015-06-29 00:45:09
Kathy Bishop
I would like to to know when the town wide tag sale is
2015-04-14 20:32:22

Our Community

"Slate quarries define the town, a place where the work is hard, the roots are deep, and the Thursday night pork roast supper at the Methodist church is standing room only."

Chronicle, TheBostonChannel, Friday, June 13, 2003:

Main Streets and Back Roads - Granville, N.Y. Whether you are visiting, relocating, driving through, living in, or doing research on the Granville area, the Granville Area Chamber of Commerce invites you to experience the sense of community which surrounds the Granville Area.

Where is Granville, NY ?

Granville is located midway between Lake George, NY and Manchester, VT, in beautiful Washington County.

The Granville Area is known to New York State Tourism as the "Capital/Saratoga District," to some as "The Colored Slate Capital of the World," and to others as a part of the "Lakes Region." Located in rural upstate New York on the Vermont border, we offer an area rich in natural history. Granville is bordered by Vermont to the east, Hampton and Whitehall to the north, Hebron to the south, and Hartford and Fort Ann to the west.

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