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Many people look to the Chamber of Commerce before they visit an area to find lodging, restaurants, or whatever they will need while in the area. The Granville Area Chamber of Commerce online members directory is a useful tool anyone planning to spend any time in the Granville Area. Whether you live here or you are just passing through, anyone can find local businesses online.

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If you are a member of the Granville Area Chamber of Commerce, most likely, you are already listed in the members directory. We do our best to keep the directory up to date, but if we have missed your business and would like to be listed, contact us through email or the contact form .

Join The Granville Area Chamber of Commerce.

Memberships starting at $45.00 a year. Additional businesses can be added for $15 for each per year.

Multiple Listings.
If your business has multiple functions (restaurant and motel), you may want to list your business in more than one category. Only $15 per category!

Add a Description
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The name of your company does not necessarily describe what you do. When visitors use the search on our website, your description could be the difference between failure and success.

Example: The name of your business is "The Ink Shop." You sell business supplies. You are listed in the "Retail" category. A business man visiting the area looks up "business supply" in our search engine and can't find your business.

Solution: Add a description. Up to 100 words that describe what your business does. Try to use keywords an online visitor might use when looking for your business. The example of the business supply store might


The Ink Shop has office supplies from staples to laptop computers. School supplies and Arts & Crafts are our specialties. Chamber Special: Free delivery to your business.

Notice I used 12 keywords: ink, office supplies, staples, laptop computer(s), school supplies, arts & crafts, delivery, and business. And that description was only 27 words! No listed keywords please.

* Up to 100 words describing your business.
* Increased Internet exposure
* Copy (text) provided by the individual Chamber Member advertising
* up to 2 changes per year

Add a Photo
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A picture tells a thousand words. Add a picture or a logo to draw attention to your business listng.

* A more attractive listing
* Maximum size (3 in. x 1.5 in) (7KB)
* Graphic provided by the individual Chamber Member advertising
* up to 2 changes per year

Offer open to all current GACC members and any new members.

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